Action Conference

Invitation to the last preparatory meeting of We’ll Come United / commUNITY-Carnival

On September 2nd and 3rd we will meet in Berlin for the last action conference before our We’ll Come United-Carnival. Many things have already been fixed – almost 20 trucks and at least as many buses are booked, the program is being planned, the mobilization is in full swing. But in the last important phase, we have to get some more stuff done and we really need every helping hand. We need your full concentration and fresh newcomers to join. Therefore, all of you are welcome to join us for the finishing line!

Let’s organize the last steps so that we become visible on the 16th of September in Berlin, so that we show that we’ve got something to say, so that we see how many we are, so that everyone will know: you better join and go with us. And: let’s also talk about what will be there after the 16th of September, what will keep us and our struggles together and strong – also after the general elections.

On Saturday, we will mostly plan the final steps of local mobilization and preparation. On Sunday, the final technical and political questions will be discussed regarding the 16th of September.

See you soon!

Saturday, 2. September: Mobilization – the very last steps
Mehringhof, plenary room (2nd floor, 2nd backyard)
Gneisenaustr. 2a
10961 Berlin

13:30 Uhr: Welcoming and introduction

14:00-19:00: Workshops

1. Lager / camp mobilization
In Berlin and Brandenburg parts of the community-Carnival group are doing a great job for a broad mobilization in the accommodations and camps. In the first part, we will exchange our experiences and plans. In the second part, we will systematically check which places we have already visited for mobilization and where we still have to go.

2. Berlin-Mobilization
In order to make Berlin shine up in all the different rainbow colors, we have to give our best efforts in the last weeks before the parade. We have to distribute flyers, hang up posters, make information stands and talk to people personally. We need every helping hand!

3. Carnival preparations
Banners, masks, umbrellas, T-shirts: A lot has to be prepared. We will craft, paint, design our materials for the 16th of September. We will have some material, but you should also bring something with you.

19:00 Dinner

Sunday, 3rd of September: Big all regions-assembly
Mehringhof, plenary room (2nd floor, 2nd backyard)
Gneisenaustr. 2a
10961 Berlin

10:00 Welcoming and introduction

We come together, exchange ideas about what is going on and what has to be organized

11:00-14:30 Workshops

Our existing workgroups will meet to plan the final steps. In particular, the current agenda is
– Demo coordination
– Truck coordination
– press group
– Alliance truck, program and manifestations
– Arrival, bus coordination

14:30-16:30 Assembly + political discussion on our perspectives

We collect the results of the weekend and distribute the last tasks. In the second part, we will discuss the most important political issues in order to agree on our common timetable for the post-election period: We’ll stay united!