We`ll Come United – September 2017
Newsletter #1

Hello to all supporters,
“We are more than we guess …” we state in our call for the “We’ll come united” campaign. The transnational action days from September 2nd and the big parade before the general elections in Berlin on September 16th offer the anti-racist movement a great opportunity to find a common expression in its entire diversity. We will come together and get loud – for an open Europe, for freedom of movement and for equal rights. And above all, we aim that all those who have no voice and no political party behind them send a big and unmistakable signal into the election campaign.

Now we are asking for your ideas and actions. We are just a few people and few networks, no big organizations, no big money. Our actions will become as great as you make them. Your own ideas and practices will bring them to life. Everyone is asked to become active and to put local struggles in our common context.

Create, order and distribute material for mobilization, produce and spread own calls and own demands! Organize meetings, think of organizing a collective journey on September 16th in buses from cities, from camps, with refugees and with communities to Berlin.

There is a lot to do. In this newsletter you will find some useful information for the mobilization.

. 1. General information
The parade will start on September 16th at 13:00 near the Ministry of Interior in Berlin (near the main station), and end at the Oranienplatz.
Our call has been signed by more than 100 groups, and we are looking forward to further supporters:

The parade will consist of different thematic trucks. If you would like to contribute to the preparation or bring a truck yourself, please contact us at

2. Action Conference from 15th to 16th of July 2017 in Berlin
In addition to the practical work there will be content-related meetings of various contexts. Parallel to the strategic meeting against deportations to Afghanistan, a meeting of Solidarity City initiatives will take place. In addition, various self-organized Refugee groups are planning an exchange meeting regarding the Dublin deportations in Europe. On Sunday we will do mainly the practical preparation of the 16.9. You can find detailed informations on our Homepage.

3. Mobilization
A) Camp mobilization
Now is the time to start mobilization in different areas. In some cities first meetings have taken place. It is particularly important for us to mobilize in the Refugee Camps. There will soon be a multi-lingual flyer on the website which is especially suitable for the mobilization in the camps and which can be used and adapted by yourself.
B) Buses
Organize buses within local alliances or on your own and contact us! We need to get an overview, from where buses go to Berlin. Please register with

C) Transnational events from 2.9.
Please register as soon as possible, if you already plan events or actions from 2nd of September. Also encourage other people to participate:

D) Events
If you have (mobi) events planned, please let us know. We will include the dates in the next newsletter and promote them on our homepage.
If needed, we can also put you in contact with potential speakers. Please write to

4. Financial support
We urgently need donations!
Account holder: borderline-europe
IBAN: DE81 4306 0967 4005 7941 01
GLS Bank
Keywords: welcome united

In general, we try to share as much responsibility as possible with individual groups and regions, because: it’s getting huge! Please apply for funding at your local StuPas and AStAs. Ask local associations and groups for support (for buses, material etc.).

Material costs and support for mobilization meetings or travel expenses (especially for the transport from camps), for which no financial partnerships can be established, can in parts be funded by the common budget of the network. Contact us if you need assistance – but please keep in mind that this is the last option if you really cannot make it on your own.
. 5. Material and promotion

There are leaflets available in six languages (German, English, Arabic, French, Farsi, Serbo-Croatian) and posters with four colorful motifs. They can be ordered online, please provide a postal address and the desired quantity under Material on our website. You can find our big call in eight languages on our Homepage.

More material will follow soon.

We’ll be very happy if you donate something for the materials to the account above.

6. Facebook und Social Media

Please like and share our Facebook page. And most importantly: Invite all your virtual friends to our Facebook event!

Make your own videos and photos: “Why are you coming to Berlin on 16th of September?” and send it to us via Facebook or by email!

7. Transnational Call

Starting around t the second anniversary of the “March of Hope”, from 2nd of September decentralized actions and meetings will take place in many European countries and around the Mediterranean, with the motto “We’ll Come Together, Together for Social Rights!”. The call has now been signed by groups from many countries which also started to plan activities. You can find more information on our homepage.

8. Miscellaneous

Selami Prizreni was picked up by the police at five o’clock in the morning on 16th of May, 2017 to deport him to Kosovo. This deportation is just simply annoying. It interrupts the life of Selami in the country where he was born and where he is at home – for the second time.
In 2010 he and his brother Kefaet were deported already, in 2014 they could return back to Germany.
We ask the authorities to make their immediate return possible. He has to go back to where he belongs – and where he wants to live.
Support #Selamikommtwieder!
We need your solidarity: support our demands by signing the petition for Selami and forwarding this email!

See you very soon!

Your preparation team