While the date for the next parade was fixed but the first flyers have not been printed, the mobilizations already started. We swarmed out in first villages and cities in Brandenburg, Bavaria and Hessen. We`ll Come United should become a vivid process of mutual empowerment. In manifold discussions and exchange events, with exhibitions and flimclips on our daily struggles we want to contribute to spread our experiences of resistance – against deportations, for freedom of movement and equal social rights. Several mixed teams prepared materials about the respective struggles. Against the dublin deportations within Europe, on Bleibistan and citizen asylum against deportations to Afghanistan; materials about the new old deals of readmission agreements, recently with Pakistan and Ethiopia; and how to break the isolation in the camps and education for all.

The first efforts demonstrate: we have a lot to exchange and there are many experiences of resistance, particularly in smaller cities. Soon we will provide a pool of materials on the website of We`ll Come United, which can be used for all kind of events. Everybody, who is interested in the swarming-tour, who wants to organize an own event, a meeting or an action or who wants to order materials, pls contact us via: swarming@welcome-united.org