28.4. in Leipzig: Regional Parade and Discussion with We`ll Come United for Freedom of Movement

Freedom of movement – since long time we think about our living without an european external border. From Cameroun to Morocco, from Tunesia to Mali. Many young people from these countries start to travel to Europe. The route is hard, needs a long time and a lot of money and some will loose their lives.
We as people from North- and Westafrica are connected with Europe through the colonial period. The common history is also one reason, that so many young Africans travel to here. Perhaps they are simply curious. How does Europe look like? What is on the other side of the mediterranean sea? Without the external borders of EU all these young people could start a small expedition, try to find an education or to earn some money, but then to return again into their homeland. It is obvious: without the external borders of EU an illegal immigration would not be necessary.
If people can easily oscillate between Africa and Europe, they would not appear as criminals and swindlers as soon as they cross the borders. Asylum is for humans, who are politically persecuted and whose lifes are in danger. But additional legal options of entry and immigration for all others are needed as well.
And about this we want to discuss with you.
Join us in Leipzig at 28th of April! Discuss together with us! We start with a manifestation at 14.00 at the main train station in Leipzig. Afterwards we want to create a small colourful parade for freedom of movement. We will go from the main station to Eisenbahnstrasse, where we spend the evening in Ost-Passage Theater with a podium-discussion, with theater, music and dancing.
Solidarity greetings