Final call: Newsletter #5 – 23th of September 2018

Final call
Newsletter #5 – 23th of September 2018

Autumn is coming – the autumn of solidarity has begun meteorologically as well as politically. Another week, then we will move with tens of thousands through Hamburg.
Chemnitz, Maassen or Seehofer – enough is enough. Now is our time. We turn on the light and turn up the sound. The mics to those who need them – to say how it is: The history of our society is the history of migration. It can not be stopped just as the solidarity of the many. So name us storytellers. We are there. We come. We stay. On September 29, 2018, the streets belongs to us – and how! Here are the collected information about program, route, concert and co.

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We`ll Come United Newsletter #4 – 9th of August 2018

We`ll Come United
Newsletter #4 – 9th of August 2018

Yallah! Yallah! Yallah!

More than 20 trucks, almost 30 busses from 20 cities and many people in Hamburg keep undermining the city with rainbows in tireless molehill work: in eight weeks in Hamburg we will be turning the spotlights on the antiracist movement in all its breadth, diversity and in its old and new splendor. The timing could not probably be better: not only do we live in hard times, but also in times of new movements. Tens of thousands stood up against the judgments in the NSU trial all over Germany and for an proper elucidation of the right-wing terror. Every day, everywhere people go to the streets against the dying in the Mediterranean – the sea rescue organizations keep up their work instead of giving up, and even some European cities and city governments are showing solidarity. Over 15,000 said in a call we need “Solidarity instead of homeland”. Many, many are fed up with the racist politicians and their fight – as well as the everyday racism, which has created in countless #metwo stories for a new outcry
It is enough, it is #ausgehetzt. We build sea bridges from Lampedusa to Ellwangen. While some defend the home of the few, we create the society of the many. See you in Hamburg – it’s getting big!


Hamburg against racism

More and more Hamburg groups, organizations, initiatives and people come from the summer break and now start through, the countdown is on: Hamburg is facing a late summer and autumn of solidarity!
More than four weeks before the parade, on the 24th of August, we invite you to the Millerntor Stadium Ballroom for the city-wide  ASSEMBLY: HAMBURG UNITED AGAINST RACISM – where as many voices say why and how they will take to the streets on September 29th.
The conference “Heimatphantasien” deals critically with the concepts of “nation” and “homeland”. More information on Facebook.
2th of September: Large demonstration of the Seebrücke against dying in the Mediterranean and against the criminalization of the rescue – Hamburg in Orange! More information here.
New Hamburg invites you: On the Veddel runs from 15. to 30.9. Festival SoliPolis – Für eine Solidarische Stadt The festival ends in the parade on 29.9!
Our regulars’ table from We’ll Come United Hamburg is going great and continues: Every Wednesday from 8 pm on the shore, Neuer Pferdemarkt 3. Come by! More information here.

Questions? Want to joing? Write us to


Nationwide meeting on 25th of August

We’ve seen each other a lot and got to know each other many times over the years – whether at the joint conference by critnet, We’ll Come United and Solidarity Cities in Göttingen, at the pier, at our big summer camp – but above all in our daily routine solidary cooperation in many cities in Germany and Europe. We invite you all to take part in the nationwide meeting in Hamburg, to join in the discussion and to decide how we want to make solidarity and anti-racism visible and strong – on 29.9. and every day.
We will talk about the further mobilization, the process and the program on the day of the aniracist parade on 29.9.18. In addition, we want to think with you together beyond September and discuss: How can it continue after? How is the year 2019?
More information and program on our Homepage.


The best day of the year: Route, Time, Place

We will start on Saturday, September 29 at 12 o’clock in the city center at the Rathausmarkt with our opening rally. We get aroung the Binnenalster, go to St. Pauli to the Hafenstraße and the Landungsbrücken, where all the trucks on the Elbe line up to the Solidarity Promenade in the afternoon. There we will have time for exchange, food, performance, music and theater. At 17.30 the joint big closing rally and the evening concert will start.



Almost 30 buses have already been chartered: Halle, Erfurt and Jena, Leipzig, Halle, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Osnabuerck, Hanover, Lueneburg, Goettingen, Kassel, Wiesbaden, Hanau, Darmstadt, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Eisenhuttenstadt, Potsdam, Bad Belzig … and more are coming! As we try to get as many people as possible out of the camps, we depend on your donations (click here) – and that you yourself become active and organize more buses. Take heart, you have nothing to lose but your summer holidays! Detailed information about the buses, contact details for individual cities and arrival groups can be found on the Homepage.


The call: over 250 supporting initiatives

Our call in English and 15 other languages ​​has been signed by more than 250 initiatives and numerous individuals. Are you already there? Sign the call, forward it, make it known in your circle of friends and networks.
Your donations + our donation account = more tickets for the journey, more mobilization, more practical solidarity.
Our donation account:
    Name: borderline-europe
IBAN: DE81 4306 0967 4005 7941 01
GLS Bank
Keyword: welcome united 


We still have a lot of colorful material for the parade for you – posters, flyers, stickers, banners, button templates etc. etc. – which you can order on our homepage. Write us, order in large quantities! Placarded in your city, your area, at school, at the university, anywhere, distribute flyers, make your own material (we can also send you templates as needed). For material orders please mail to


From 5 to 8 July, our summer camp with 250 participants took place on the site of the living project Quecke in Brandenburg – in the majority self-organized refugees from Berlin, Brandenburg and many other cities. There were workshops and exchanges on our daily struggles, legal issues, resistance to deportations, but also joint planning and preparations for the parade in Hamburg, shared dinners, music and children’s program. Check out the video!



Press release

Hamburg, 18 May 2018
Grand Coalition Against Racism: 200 groups and initiatives call for a parade against racism and deportations in Hamburg
Also in 2018 people still die in the Mediterranean, live under inhuman conditions in camps and are increasingly confronted with racist violence. Against this, and for a policy of solidarity, the countrywide network We’ll Come United stands up. Under the slogan “United Against Racism” the network is positioning itself with today’s call for a statewide parade in Hamburg on 29 September 2018, against racist madness on the streets and in parliaments, against a society walling itself in and against the politics of exclusion.
200 organisations, initiatives, cafés and clubs, associations, cultural institutions, self-organised migrant groups, welcome initiatives, artists’ collectives and NGOs are among the first signatories. These include ‘Lampedusa in Hamburg’ and ‘Youth Without Borders’, the ‘Auschwitz Committee in the Federal Republic of Germany’, several refugee councils, the tribunal ‘NSU-Komplex auflösen’, the sea rescue organisations ‘Sea-Watch’ and ‘Jugend rettet’, the NGO ‘medico international’, the football clubs ‘FC St. Pauli’ and ‘SV Babelsberg 03’ and the Hamburg Theater ‘Kampnagel – Zentrum für schönen Künste / center for finer arts’.
“The problem throughout Europe is not migration, the problem is racism,” said Newroz Duman, spokeswoman for the We’ll Come United network. “In the last few weeks alone, a thread of racism has been running through the public, ranging from the AfD to Christian Lindner, from the media spectacle about Ellwangen to the new regulation of family reunification. We will not participate in this right-wing discourse. We do not let ourselves be divided into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ migrants. We stand on the side of all those who are exposed to the daily agitation, the border regime and the deprivation of rights and who are defending themselves against it. The more deportations are prevented, the better.”
The parade in Hamburg is intended to show the strength and diversity of the anti-racist movement, which too often remains invisible. “Whether in the Mediterranean, in the fight against deportations or in the welcome initiative: the solidarity of countless people is the practical answer to the old and new racism,” said Duman. Activists have been on a “Swarming”-tour for months. They visit camps and secluded shelters of fugitives to strengthen the people in their daily struggles. Last weekend, from 10-13 May in Göttingen, several networks of movement and science came together to form a “grand coalition of anti-racism”.
“We are many – and even much more than we think. It is time for an anti-racist offensive,” Duman concluded.
We’ll Come United is a network of groups and individuals involved in social, anti-racist, cultural and political activities. It is a coalition of refugees and supporters, scientists, teachers, neighbors, people of all ages and from the most diverse ranges of the society. The first We’ll Come United Parade took place in Berlin in September 2017: Diverse, loud and colourful, this anti-racist gathering set an example on Berlin’s streets shortly before the federal elections. Since then, the network has expanded to include many groups and people in order to make anti-racism and solidarity visible – as a demonstration, a carnival, a parade with music and performance this year in Hamburg.
Further information:
Voices of first signatories:
“The Mediterranean is still the world’s deadliest frontier, the humanitarian crisis is by no means over. Europe’s attempt to stop migration by all means must finally come to an end. Instead of inflicting immense suffering to people on the run, denying them their fundamental rights and criminalising civil sea rescue, we must finally create decent entry routes!”
Johannes Bayer, Member of the Board of ‘Sea-Watch e.V.’
“Collective deportations to Afghanistan have been taking place for 1.5 years now, although everyone knows that this is a crime against humanity. We need a strong bond from the camps to the population in order to fight resolutely against deportations to Afghanistan and all other countries”.
Nabi Ghorbani, ‘Afghan outcry Düsseldorf’
“The current anti-racist struggles also include the Roma right to stay – whose history is deeply linked to Germany. Germany under National Socialism: that meant deportation and persecution of the Roma in North-West and South-East Europe. Racism affects Roma in the past and present. Today, Roma continue to flee racism and exclusion, sometimes repeatedly. Therefore, solidarity with Roma is a fight against political and social exclusion – everywhere.”
Kenan Emini, ‘everybody stay!’
“In the fight against racism we are not talking about a temporary expulsion ritual, but about a centuries-old phenomenon. At present, it is again gaining ground in the center of society. As humanists, we cannot and will not allow this!”
Diana Henniges, ‘Moabit Helps e.V.’
“I support the ‘We’ll Come United Network’ because it is a strong sign of the power of solidarity.”
Cornelia Kerth, Federal Chairwoman ‘VVN-BdA’ (‘Vereinigung der Verfolgten des Naziregimes – Bund der Antifaschistinnen’, ‘Union of Victims of Persecution by the Nazi Regime – Association of Antifascists’)
“Racism must no longer become socially acceptable, especially in Germany. That’s why it must be uncovered, named and vigorously debated. The parade is a great initiative of the ‘We’ll Come United network’. Let us all go and celebrate a society without exclusion!”
Amelie Deuflhard, Director ‘Kampnagel – Centre for Fine Arts’
“In view of increasingly intense racist discourses, the solidarity of anti-racist groups, initiatives and individuals is becoming more and more urgent. The experiences of people who are directly negatively affected by these discourses must be placed at the centre of attention. The ‘We’ll Come United’ campaign does that – that’s why it is supported by the ISD.”
Tahir Della, board ‘Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland e.V.’ (ISD)
“In the current times, it is important to go forward and not only preach values such as tolerance and openness, but also to actively push them. That is what the ‘We’ll Come United’ alliance is doing and that is why FC St. Pauli is, with all its strength, supporting the call for the anti-racist parade in Hamburg on 29 September.“
Christiane Hollander, Vice-President FC St. Pauli

We`ll Come United Newsletter #2 – 1st of May 2018

Dear friends,

when we move, the world moves. And there’s a lot going on, we must tell you.

The first flyers and posters can be ordered and the route for the parade is already registered: 29 September 2018 in Hamburg will be the great day of our anti-racist mobilisation. Go ahead, rent the buses, submit your holiday and call everyone. UNITED AGAINST RACISM – It will be great!

At the same time, we keep on swarming out decentrally. Events and meetings take place in many places, and at the same time a variety of materials is produced in dozens of languages, which can be ordered immediately or soon in our “Swarming Office” in Berlin (see below).

The grand coalition of anti-racism” is the title of the conference we are inviting to Göttingen from 10 to 13 May together with other networks. The first two days will be used for the preparation process of We’ll Come United. Friday evening starts with a common, varied program of our networks.

From July 5 to 8, We`ll Come United is organizing a summer camp in Brandenburg. There we want to create another space for an intensive exchange of experiences and take another joint approach for a strong summer mobilization of the following 10 weeks until the end of September.

So long: No time for a break! United against Racism!

Parade 2018 – sign the call now

The call for this year’s mobilization is ready and can be signed until May 10th with an e-mail to You can find the German version here, the English version here.

Take a first look at the call:

“We know already that September 29, 2018 will be the most beautiful day of the year. It will be our day. We are many, we are different and we struggle every day on our doorstep. We’ll all come together in September. We will come to Hamburg by car, train and bus. From villages and towns, from camps and shelters, from welcoming initiatives and aid organizations, from construction sites, schools and universities. With soundtrucks, performances, lyrics, music and carnival we’ll chase away the cold, the racism and the heartlessness from the streets of the city. Together we’ll draw a picture on the streets: the picture of our friendship, the picture of a diverse and fearless life in solidarity. When we move, the world moves!”

Hamburg: the route is set, meetings take place, printing machines are running

For Saturday, 29.9.18, a route for the parade was registered, which offers an optimum of publicity and at the same time enables as much local participation and support as possible. We start from several places in the city to meet near the harbour – we’ll publish all information when the time comes. In monthly meetings, an active alliance of action is currently being formed with the aim of initiating a broad mobilization. And the Hamburg version of Swarming is on: with actions by Women in Action, Lampedusa in Hamburg and others – against Racial Profiling, for apartments instead of camps e.g. at the “Mietenmove” of Recht auf Stadt on 2th of June), against deportations and for solidarity concepts such as “citizen’s asylum” and “urban citizenship” (e.g. in Arrivati Park on 7th of July) – for a city of solidarity, with equal rights for all (e.g. at the Solidarity Festival on the Veddel in the two weeks before the parade)! 

Who wants to participate: The next meeting with all AG´s and all others, who want to take part, takes place on Thursday, the 17.5., 19 o’clock, Kölibri! and/or contact us at

Swarming-Office: for the circulation of struggles

In order to make different materials of mutual encouragement and exchange available “offline”, a “Swarming Office” will soon be opened in Berlin. From information on rescue at sea to the practices of Solidarity Cities, from flyers against Dublin repatriations to “information against fear” of deportations to Afghanistan, Pakistan or Ethiopia: Here you can order printed guides and brochures in different languages. A first list of materials can be found on our website and everyone is encouraged and invited to contribute further information or translations and thus contribute to the circulation of experiences against the policy of exclusion.

We have already begun the exchange about the local everyday struggles, events and meetings have already taken place in different places. You are also welcome to contact us if you would like to invite someone from the preparation circle to a local meeting or event in your city or community.

Direct contact:

Göttingen: Nationwide We`ll Come United meeting and the big anti-racist conference

Thursday, 10 May, is a holiday and we are making it a long weekend of anti-racism in Göttingen. We`ll Come United starts with an own network meeting (program here) at the House of Cultures (directions here) already in the early Thursday afternoon. From Friday noon on we will discuss the fight against deportations and experiences of self-organisation in workshops with the Solidarity City network. And on Friday evening, the conference will begin with a joint panel discussion at Göttingen University with kritnet and the discussion group on migration of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

The extensive programme with lectures, many workshops and theatre as well as the possibility to register can be found here:

For both, the network meeting and the conference, please register asap: Regstration

We’ll Come United Summercamp from 5th to 8th of July in Brandenburg

We found a good place: The camp takes place on the premises of KuBiB e.V., the “Quecke” in Falkenberg. There will be various meeting and working rooms, also for spontaneous creative ideas. Workshops, consulting, concerts, theatre, a handicraft workshop, a café and much more are planned. We take several days to discuss, develop strategies together and create tangible materials. We also want to cook together, drink coffee, make music, dance and have a good time.

Contact and registration for the Summercamp: or via Whatsapp: 015171872272

Come Together! Conference 10th-13th May in Göttingen

Come together! For a Big Coalition of Antiracism

10th to 13th of May in Göttingen
Thursday and Friday: various networking meetings
Friday evening: common opening podium
Saturday: keynotes and workshops
Sunday: Common Assembly

Important: please register under

Also let us know if you need a sleeping place. Please bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat!

Demonstrations, books, daily struggles, theatre plays, films and tribunals: a lot is happening. Everybody is doing something. That`s great. The whole society is one contested space and the situation is open. Present struggles are taking place everywhere, and so will future struggles. It is not a matter of institutional politics, of parties and parliaments. We have to be everywhere and we are already in numerous places. In the neighbourhood, in the newsletters, in the camps and immigration offices, at universities, in virtual spaces, and at the borders. We all feel the politicisation of life and the gravity of the challenges that await us in the years to come.

And it certainly is not little what waits us. While the AfD – after the parliaments – wants to capture universities, unions and the media, we are confronted with the modernisation of the European border regime, which in Germany at least, is tied to the bondage of assimilation and exploitation. But that is only one aspect of our reality: Despite and against neoliberalism and the right-wing push, the power of migration is unbroken, the spirit of solidarity is vivid and the large- and small-sized engagement of countless people is still effective.

No question, the times of course are not rosy. Something has to happen and we are all needed – also because many political actors dodge the old and new racism. Nevertheless: that what counts has already begun. We want to continue, in a better way and together with all those who are already part of it.

In Göttingen, we will intensify the connections between various threads of Antiracism and of our engagement. Certainly, we do not believe, that we have to instruct each other about the right and true form of political practices. At the same time, we are convinced that we need more comprehensive and common strategical ideas and goals. We need new ideas to go beyond our horizons and the borders of nation-states. And this requires to see and meet each other again. Networking-meetings, panels, workshops and theatre will take place. We expect a lot of talks and translations, and we want to dance. Last but not least, we want to make plans for the near future.

See you! Yallah
KritNet ++ Welcome United ++ Solidarity Cities ++ GK Migration

28.4. in Leipzig: Regional Parade and Discussion with We`ll Come United for Freedom of Movement

Freedom of movement – since long time we think about our living without an european external border. From Cameroun to Morocco, from Tunesia to Mali. Many young people from these countries start to travel to Europe. The route is hard, needs a long time and a lot of money and some will loose their lives.
We as people from North- and Westafrica are connected with Europe through the colonial period. The common history is also one reason, that so many young Africans travel to here. Perhaps they are simply curious. How does Europe look like? What is on the other side of the mediterranean sea? Without the external borders of EU all these young people could start a small expedition, try to find an education or to earn some money, but then to return again into their homeland. It is obvious: without the external borders of EU an illegal immigration would not be necessary.
If people can easily oscillate between Africa and Europe, they would not appear as criminals and swindlers as soon as they cross the borders. Asylum is for humans, who are politically persecuted and whose lifes are in danger. But additional legal options of entry and immigration for all others are needed as well.
And about this we want to discuss with you.
Join us in Leipzig at 28th of April! Discuss together with us! We start with a manifestation at 14.00 at the main train station in Leipzig. Afterwards we want to create a small colourful parade for freedom of movement. We will go from the main station to Eisenbahnstrasse, where we spend the evening in Ost-Passage Theater with a podium-discussion, with theater, music and dancing.
Solidarity greetings


On 29th of September 2018 – let’s go together to Hamburg!

Lampedusa in Hamburg exists now for five years. Women in action and other initiatives organize themselves. It is a long history of struggles in Hamburg. Here lives the biggest afghan community all over Europe. Here more than 50% of all children have one single parent, whose family immigrated. Here thousands of people have to live in camps in stead of flats, and many resist. Together with Right to the city and Never mind the papers, with the Urban Citizenship Card, against deportations and equal rights for all. Here the summit of solidarity took place during the G20-meeting, and here is the space, the structure and the interest… and that are some reasons, why it was decided in a germanwide We`ll Come United-meeting in Kassel to do the parade in Hamburg! Now, in the middle of March, already more than 100 activists came together from various communities, groups and circles of friends to start the preparations. A big football club and several theaters want to support the mobilization, Hamburg is on the move! Who wants to join and who wants to get invited to the next meeting in Hamburg, pls contact us directly:

It’s going to be a good year

Hamburg has been awarded the contract. We fixed the place and we fixed the date: on the 29th of September 2018, we – and everyone who could not yet participate in Berlin – will come together. It will get colorful and loud again, there will be theatre and music, stories from below will be written and told.

In the meantime, we have to get along with only a minimum of sleep. The daily struggles know no winter breaks and no Easter holidays. And we have big plans with our network. We will swarm out in all directions and break the isolation in the camps. We will make new friends, refresh the old contacts and then finally become in Hamburg many more than we got already in the last year.

Our next stop will be in May in Göttingen, where we will discuss together with the network of critical migration and border regime research (kritnet) and the Solidarity City network the future of a „big coalition of antiracism“

A summer school is also being planned. It’s going to be a good year! Come with us, solidarity and antiracism is what the world urgently needs now.

Save the date, spread the word and join the parade. Let‘s come united again!