On 29th of September 2018 – let’s go together to Hamburg!

Lampedusa in Hamburg exists now for five years. Women in action and other initiatives organize themselves. It is a long history of struggles in Hamburg. Here lives the biggest afghan community all over Europe. Here more than 50% of all children have one single parent, whose family immigrated. Here thousands of people have to live in camps in stead of flats, and many resist. Together with Right to the city and Never mind the papers, with the Urban Citizenship Card, against deportations and equal rights for all. Here the summit of solidarity took place during the G20-meeting, and here is the space, the structure and the interest… and that are some reasons, why it was decided in a germanwide We`ll Come United-meeting in Kassel to do the parade in Hamburg! Now, in the middle of March, already more than 100 activists came together from various communities, groups and circles of friends to start the preparations. A big football club and several theaters want to support the mobilization, Hamburg is on the move! Who wants to join and who wants to get invited to the next meeting in Hamburg, pls contact us directly: hamburg@welcome-united.org