Call: Stop Deportations in Hessen! (Juni 2021)

Stop Deportation! Immediately stop all deportations in Hessen and everywhere!

Hessian deportation policy is haunted by one scandal after the other. The Corona-Pandemic has restricted many social services – the dangers to health are too big. And yet, Hesse continues to deport at all costs. The deportations rip apart communities, families, schools and colleagues. Deportees are being jailed and violently deported, with ever increasing immorality. Deportations and fear go hand in hand in many communities and always hit the collective. Just to name a few scandals:

  • More and more refugees are being deported to war torn and unsafe countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan. There are good reasons Germany didn’t deport to Somalia – we consider this to be a taboo.
  • Again, and again well integrated citizens, that have lived here for many years or were even born here, are being deported. Immigration Agencies even tear apart families and compel children onto deportation flights.
  • An increasing number of people, tolerated in Germany, are being forced into welfare programs by retracting their working permit. This decimates their integration merit.
  • Instead of applying benevolently the lawful possibilities for long term stay in Germany, authorities are deporting people shortly before they reach their right to stay.
  • Asylum seekers are being held at immigration facilities for longer periods of time. This caused the total number of asylum seekers being held at immigration facilities to triple within 18 months. The reasoning for this is to have better control over the asylum seekers and to bar volunteers from offering their solidaric help.
  • The detention facility in Darmstadt has increased its total capacity to 80 inmates. This lets us fear that there is a planned increasement of detention until deportation.

All of these measures seek to de-integrate, intimidate, and enact pressure on asylum seekers to return to their home country. There’s something fundamentally going wrong in Hesse: Deportations are inhumane and under no circumstances acceptable.

We will continue our fight against this injustice with protests and blockades. We will protest at last minute deportations in solidary with deportees and campaign against the involved airlines. We will build infrastructure to protect deportees and establish church and citizen asylum. We will offer sanctuary with guest rooms and couch surfing.

We demand an immediate stop of all deportations, the release of all detained deportees, and a reform of Hessian refugee policy.

On Wednesday, June 16th, 2021, at 5 PM (17:00), we will loudly protest in front of the Hessian Legislator in Wiesbaden. Many affected people from various communities will come to speak, and to shed light on the Hessian deportation policy. There will be many other events at different locations.

Immediately stop all deportations in Hesse and everywhere!



  1. Agis Darmstadt
  2. AK 2. Stock der Initiative “Faites votre jeu!” im ehem. Polizei- und Abschiebegefängnis Klapperfeld Frankfurt
  3. AK Asyl Friedrichsdorf
  4. AK Asyl Witzenhausen
  5. Aktionsbündnis gegen Abschiebungen Rhein-Main
  6. Bündnis gegen Abschiebung Hessen
  7. Bündnis gegen Abschiebung Witzenhausen
  8. Bunte Hilfe Marburg
  9. Café United Frankfurt
  10. Community for all Darmstadt
  11. Flüchtlingshilfe Mittelhessen e.V.
  12. Flüchtlingshilfe Willkommen in Bad Vilbel e.V
  13. GEW-Hochschulgruppe der Uni Marburg
  14. kein mensch ist illegal Kassel
  15. KriPro Witzenhausen – Initiative gegen Polizeigewalt
  16. kritnet Knoten Kassel
  17. Project Shelter, Frankfurt am Main
  18. Seebrücke Frankfurt
  19. Seebrücke Gießen
  20. Seebrücke Kassel
  21. Seebrücke Marburg
  22. Seebrücke Wiesbaden
  23. Seebrücke Witzenhausen
  24. Solidarität grenzenlos MTK
  25. Solidarity City Kassel
  26. Vernetzung gegen Abschiebung Hessen/Mainz
  1. Birgt Koch, Landesvorsitzende der GEW Hessen
  2. Maike Wiedwald, Landesvorsitzende der GEW Hessen
  3. Tony Schwarz, stell. Landesvorsitzender der GEW Hessen.
  4. Samar Khan, Hum Hum Pakistan e.V., Darmstadt
  5. Dr. Kurt Bunke, Vorsitzender des Cölber Arbeitskreises Flüchtlinge (CAF) e. V.
  6. Waltraud Eisenträger-Tomcuk, KO-Kreis-Mitglied Bunt statt braun Werra-Meißner-Kreis
  7. Ernst-Ludwig Iskenius
  8. Gabriele Wörner, Wiesbaden
  9. Rolf Schuh, Gießen
  10. Rainer Deppe, Bad Homburg
  11. Dr. Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp, Kassel
  12. Birgit Knoll, Frankfurt am Main
  13. Christa Blum, Mainz
  14. Franz Beiwinkel, Heppenheim
  15. Leyla Lacin, Kassel
  16. Thomas Aleschewsky, Kassel
  17. Johannes Scholten, Marburg
  18. Hildburg Wegener, Frankfurt am Main
  19. Dr. Michael Wilk, Wiesbaden