Conference Göttingen

Come together! For a Big Coalition of Antiracism

10th to 13th of May in Göttingen
Thursday and Friday: various networking meetings
Friday evening: common opening podium
Saturday: keynotes and workshops
Sunday: Common Assembly

Demonstrations, books, daily struggles, theatre plays, films and tribunals: a lot is happening. Everybody is doing something. That`s great. The whole society is one contested space and the situation is open. Present struggles are taking place everywhere, and so will future struggles. It is not a matter of institutional politics, of parties and parliaments. We have to be everywhere and we are already in numerous places. In the neighbourhood, in the newsletters, in the camps and immigration offices, at universities, in virtual spaces, and at the borders. We all feel the politicisation of life and the gravity of the challenges that await us in the years to come.

And it certainly is not little what waits us. While the AfD – after the parliaments – wants to capture universities, unions and the media, we are confronted with the modernisation of the European border regime, which in Germany at least, is tied to the bondage of assimilation and exploitation. But that is only one aspect of our reality: Despite and against neoliberalism and the right-wing push, the power of migration is unbroken, the spirit of solidarity is vivid and the large- and small-sized engagement of countless people is still effective.

No question, the times of course are not rosy. Something has to happen and we are all needed – also because many political actors dodge the old and new racism. Nevertheless: that what counts has already begun. We want to continue, in a better way and together with all those who are already part of it.

In Göttingen, we will intensify the connections between various threads of Antiracism and of our engagement. Certainly, we do not believe, that we have to instruct each other about the right and true form of political practices. At the same time, we are convinced that we need more comprehensive and common strategical ideas and goals. We need new ideas to go beyond our horizons and the borders of nation-states. And this requires to see and meet each other again. Networking-meetings, panels, workshops and theatre will take place. We expect a lot of talks and translations, and we want to dance. Last but not least, we want to make plans for the near future.

See you! Yallah
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