How to get there

THURSDAY:  Haus der Kulturen, FRIDAY: University

Getting to Haus der Kulturen:

You can walk to the “Haus der Kulturen” from the
station anlong the river side of the Leine. Therefore you leave the
station at the backyard and go by the “labour agancy straight ahead to
the river. Follow the river downstream to the right for 2 bridges. At
the second bridge (Hagenweg) turn to the right to enter the filed where
the Haus der Kulturen is located (see the map below)

The buslines 11 and 12 direction Holtensen / Holtensener Berg will also
bring you there from the train station. Line 11 and 12 start near the trainstation at the left, Busstop Landgericht (see the map below). Get off  at Tulpenweg or
Pfalz-Grona-Breite . 

Here also the link to the “Haus der Kulturen“.

From Friday afternoon on all the events will take place at University.

Adress of the venue: Verfügungsgebäude, Platz der Göttinger 7, 37073 Göttingen

Arriving there via train:

It’s a 10 minutes walk from the train station: map

Arriving there via car from the A7: map