Countrywide demonstration in Hanau, February 20th

After Björn Höcke called for a coup last Monday, Tobias R. got into his car in Hanau and murdered ten people who were non-German in his eyes. 

This violence is horrible, but nothing new, not even that migrant people, families, communities are being hit and not protected. We are familiar with this from the NSU murders, we have known it since the families of the murder victims organised a demonstration in Kassel in 2006 demanding from the state to put an end to the racist series of murders. The merciful verdict in the NSU trial, on the other hand, was an encouragement to all Nazis to continue murdering. Since then there have been countless other attacks and murders against migrants and Jews.

Already in Kassel, in Cologne, in Frankfurt, in Duisburg, in Halle… we knew that we could not rely on the state, but had to defend ourselves. Against the political system that is concerned after attacks, but still doesn’t do by far as much against the right-wing terror as against the migrants – the dead in the Mediterranean are the brothers and sisters of the dead in Hanau.

We know that we can’t rely on those who have been talking about “Döner” killings then and who are talking about “Shisha” killings today, those who talk about “fear of foreigners” instead of naming racism – or who once again fantasize about disoriented single offenders. That we won’t rely on a sensationalist press and the politicians who are now travelling to Hanau again to attend the spectacle, but who won’t take the warnings and experiences seriously, won’t listen and won’t act. And it is more than clear that the “horseshoe” theory of one of these Hans-Georg Maaßens only has the purpose to trivialize the right-wing terror and agitation – and to weaken the antifascist resistance against it. 

We are taking the right to defend ourselves. We are calling on the society in solidarity to demonstrate and to stand up with us for the integrity of our lives and of our coexistence and to fight for putting down Nazis and racists.

With these attacks everybody is meant, but we are hit.

But we are also saying that racism will not chase us away, but that we have shaped and changed this society forever.

For a migrant, Jewish, black perspective. For the society of the many. The problem is not migration, the problem is racism.

We call and urge everyone to turn their attention to the families and relatives of the victims, to hear their voices, to state the names of the victims. We stand with them.

We call for a nationwide demonstration in Hanau on Saturday at 14:00. Starting point: Hauptpost am Kanaltorplatz (nähe Westbahnhof). Those who cannot come are called to hold decentralized protests at the same time.

More information on facebook account of We’ll Come United

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