The network calls for an uprising of solidarity and puts forward 4 demands for a society of the many:

(1) Deportations are a brutal mechanism that threatens everyone. The deportation system does not only send people into torture, war and misery. It also spreads fear and terror among all those whose future is uncertain. Only those who have security and their families with them can begin a future. We demand an immediate nationwide stop of deportations – for Roma, for Afghan women*, for Dublin deportations and all others! We demand a right of residence for all who are here now and family reunification for all. We call on all people in solidarity to resist and disobey deportations – on the plane, with their neighbours, in the citizens’ asylum and elsewhere! We call on the federal states, cities and municipalities to exhaust all possibilities of suspending deportations. 
(2) Germany is a country of immigration. Migration cannot be stopped. We come, we are here, we live here, we work here, we pay taxes. Our children play here. We bake the cake, so we demand our share. Rights must apply to everyone, indiscriminately and without gradation, regardless of passport or status. We demand equal social and political rights, freedom and human rights for all those present – indiscriminately and throughout Europe. We call on all progressive forces from parties, churches, trade unions, NGOs, social movements and academia to engage in a European discussion on possible forms of implementation.  
(3) In the Mediterranean, Europe shows that human dignity and human rights apply only to those who have a European passport or the right skin colour. Europe is murdering in the Mediterranean and criminalising solidarity. We call for an end to the dying at sea, in camps and on Greek islands, where thousands have been waiting for their rights for years. We call for safe escape routes, the right to protection, migration and asylum and an immediate end to the obstruction and criminalisation of civil sea rescue. We call on all city governments to create solidarity-based cities and safe havens and to counterbalance the right-wing governments of Europe.  
(4) Racism is a system. It pervades the state, the authorities, the police. We demand to be protected – and will have to protect ourselves within our structures of solidarity. We demand the resignation of Federal Interior Minister Seehofer and the dissolution of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. We call for practical antifascism, for a canakian antifascism – every day and everywhere!