Buses, trains, arrival


Schedule for the 29th of Sept

12:00 Starting manifestation

12:45 Parade

15:00 Solidarity promenade at the port

17:00-22:00 Final manifestation and concert

Buses to Hamburg

If you have questions about where and when a bus leaves, or if there is a bus organized from your city – or you want to know the meeting point at the train station – you can contact us at:

Organized arrival from the various federal states:



Nürnberg / München / Augsburg

At least from these three cities in Bavaria there is a plan to go with convoys of cars to Hamburg. You can have soon more information here or you just contact buss@welcome-united.org to get in touch with people travelling from these cities if you want to join them.



Buses from Berlin

From Berlin a joint journey with several buses is planned.

Buses leave on 29.9. at 7:00 and 22:00 back to Berlin

Bus tickets and all information at busse-berlin@welcome-united.org

Train from Berlin

From Berlin a joint journey by train is planned.
Whatsapp Info Number: 01517 1872272

Arrival meeting point on 29.9. in Berlin:
Washington Central Station: 07.30
(Arrival Hamburg Hauptbahnhof: 11:04)

Return trip Meeting point from Hamburg in the evening:
Heiligengeistfeld 18.15
Mainstation Hachmannplatz: 19.00
(Arrival Berlin Hauptbahnhof: 22.19)

Cost for round trip: 15,20 Euro per person
(Quer durchs Land-ticket)





Bustickets for Potsdam can be booked at blauweissbunt@babelsberg03.de for 30 € and are also sold in the stadium of Babelsberg03 during the matches as well as during the opening hours in the fanshop at the stadium (Tuesday and Thursday 15:00-20:00)

More: https://babelsberg03.de/blog/2018/09/10/bustickets-fuer-well-come-united-parade-in-hamburg-jetzt-verfuegbar/


Bad Belzig and surroundings
1-2 buses will depart in Bad Belzig and people from different places and lagers in the area (Brück u.a.).


Barnim and Uckermark
2 buses will drive to different places and accommodations and collect people


Märkisch Oderland
1 minibus with 30 seats will bring people from the district Märkisch-Oderland
and collect at different places


There will most likely be a bus from Eisenhüttenstadt.


If you live in the state of Brandenburg and want to go with a bus or a group and if you have any questions about tickets and travel you can contact Carla by phone or Whatsap: +4915755290998.



Joint travel with a train using the Niedersachsen-Ticket. For free if you cannot pay anything.

Meeting point: Bremen Hbf 9:00 at the Service Point





2 buses, contact: 0177-2184388, welcome-united-ffm@web.de

2 buses, contact: busse@welcome-united.org



From Hanau there will be 2 busses to Hamburg.

Departure time: 1am (in the night from 28th to 29th of September)

Place of departure: Metzgerstr.8, 63450 Hanau


On Friday evening, 28th of September, we will have a meeting-point in Metzgerstr.8 starting at 9pm (21 Uhr) for all those who have no option to come by bus so late at night


We will sleep Saturday night in Hamburg and start at 11am the next morning our trip back to Hanau. At 7pm (19:00 Uhr) Sunday evening we should be latest back in Hanau then.


From now on there will be tickets for the busses. Every Monday you can get themj in Metzgerstr.8 during the counselling (4pm till 7pm). The ticket costs 10 Euro. People who are working should pay more, 40 Euro if possible this is the price that somehow covers the costs.


Contact: busse@welcome-united.org



From Kassel you can get to the parade by bus or train. Primarily refugees and people with low budget are invited to go by bus. Everyone who can imagine to go by train should rather choose this way of travelling (we will jointly go by train). In case there will be places left in the bus, remaining tickets will be given to people who decided for the train option (we will send an email).

Train: All those who go by train meet 6:15 am at Kassel main station (Hbf). The train leaves 6:36 am. We go by group ticket (about 13,60 € per person). The time of return can be decided upon by each group.

Bus: We meet at 7:45 am at bus parking space Steinweg at Naturkundemuseum. The bus leaves 8 am sharp!
Solidary ticket: 30 €, medium ticket: 20 €, low budget ticket: 5-10 €.
Return: From Hamburg the bus leaves again at 6 pm.

You can also buy a “Make it happen”-ticket to financially enable travelling for another person.

Please let us know how you want to travel (contact: kassel@solidarity-city.eu ).


1 bus, contact: wu-wi@lists.riseup.net, Tel: 0176 58 12 13 10

Friends from Mainz can also travel with the bus from Wiesbaden.



Lower Saxony:

Information about travelling from Lower Saxony to the parade in Hamburg can be found on the webpage of the Refugee Council in Lower Saxony as well: https://www.nds-fluerat.org/aktionen/kampagnen/well-come-united/

2 buses leave from Göttingen, possibly a stop in Witzenhausen will be organized to pick up people there. The busses will leave Saturday early morning and will return to Göttingen after the protest on the same day. Contact: akasylgoe@emdash.org


From Hanover a common train journey is organized. Further
Information soon here or via the contact address.
Contact address: solinet-hannover@lists.riseup.net



From Hildesheim 2 Busse (108 Plätze) will go to Hamburg on 29th of September. Tickets between 2,50 and 15 Euro.Departure 9:00am PVH (Paul von Hindenburg-PlatzYou can get tickets in Hildesheim at Ameis Buchecke, Stern Kebab, Knolle Naturkost and in Infoladen during their opening hours.We will go back at 5.30pm after the parade.Contact: hopoex@asta.studhawk.de


At least 3 buses will travel from Lüneburg to Hamburg.
Contact: wellcome.united.lueneburg@gmx.de


From Osnabrück, there will be a joint journey by train.
More information soon and at this point.



From Wolfsburg there will be a joint journey by train. Meeting point 8:45am main station (Hauptbahnhof) in Wolfsburg. We will tavel with Niedersachsenticket. Refugees will pay 2€, other can pay more. More information on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2156415484433193/






There will be a bus from the camp in Horst: 29.9. at 9:30am in front of the gate of the camp.  Nostorfer Straße 1, 19258 Nostorf-Horst, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
The bus will go back to Horst at 17:30Uhr (5:30pm) at Landungsbrücken.
Infotelephone: 015750713824 – More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/250011439036797/


North Rhine-Westphalia:



There will be a meeting point to go together by train to Hamburg in Bielefeld. We meet at 7:45 in front of the main entrance of main-station (Hauptbahnhof) in Bielefeld. The train (RE6) leaves 7:59 at track 2. Contact: antiraag@riseup.net.

1 bus and possibly more if necessary are from Dusseldorf to Hamburg
drive. Contact: afghanischer-schrei@riseup.net


2 busses will go from Cologne to Hamburg. If you have any questions you can contact WCUcologne@gmx.de via email. Tickets will be sold in Trash Chic und in SSK Salierring.



1 Bus, contact: wcuwpt@onenetbeyond.org

Departure: Saturday morning 7:30am.

We will travel back the same day from Landungsbrücken in Hamburg in the evening.


Gelsenkirchen / Ruhrgebiet

Saturday 29th of September 2018

Exit 5.53 RegionalExpress 2
Arrival in Hamburg 11.30 h

Return from Hamburg at 21.30 h
Arrival in Gelsenkirchen 3.00 h
Arrival in Essen 3.21 h


INFO: https://www.welcome-united.org/de/well-come-united/




1 bus will go on 29th of September at about  4am in the night from Bahnhof Dresden Neustadt, return will be at the following day (30.09.18) around 9am in the morning. Contact: Julia Hartmann, Sächsischer Flüchtlingsrat e.V., Tel.: 0351 / 874 517 10, Email: hartmann@sfrev.de


1-2 buses, more information and coming soon! Contact via busse@welcome-united.org




1 bus (goes via Magdeburg and Salzwedel to Hamburg). Contact: georg.schuetze@fluechtlingsrat-lsa.de



Meetingpoint for Wendland and Altmark to go by train to Hamburg is at 9.15am at the trainstation Salzwedel.



Erfurt and Jena

Two busses will leave already on Friday, 28th of September, so one day before the parade on the early afternoon from Jena and Erfurt. On Saturday we will take part in the parade of We’ll Come United. After the end of the parade the busses will go back to Jena and Erfurt. We will be back late in the night on 29th of September. Please tell us in advance if you need sleeping-places in Jena or Erfurt.

More information:

German: http://rlc-jena.de/anmeldung-zur-fahrt-zur-well-come-united-parade-in-hamburg-am-28-9/ and https://www.fluechtlingsrat-thr.de/anmeldung-welcome-united

English: http://rlc-jena.de/welcome-united-parade-on-28th-and-29th-sept/

Contact Jena: WCU_Jena@riseup.net

Contact Erfurt: willkommensarbeit@fluechtlingsrat-thr.de





1 Bus will go from Zurich on Thursday to Hamburg (during the night from Thursday to Friday) and will go back on Sunday noon. The ticket costs 150,- CHF per person.

Contact: welcomeunited.asz@gmail.com