We’ll Come United Summercamp from 5th to 8th of July in Brandenburg

From 05. – 08.07.2018 the summer camp of We’ll Come United will takes place in Falkenberg, Brandenburg. The aim of this camp is, to come together as a network, and to strengthen the local struggles, the cohesion of the movement and the action ability of the network.

For this meeting we already have many things planned:

We organize: Above all, it’s about preparing the parade in Hamburg and advancing our internal organization·

We network: The camp should also serve as a place where know people can get to know the movement and to network the  different groups, which are already involved in the movement  even better·

We discuss: During this time, we want to exchange ideas on different topics and discuss the goals of the network

We learn from each other: Different people have different abilities. We want to share and multiply these capabilities. Skill sharing makes us strong!

We build: We transform the results of our debates into material for the Hamburg parade: we build banners, masks, costumes, car decorations, flyers, videos, mobimaterial, banners, etc.

We support: in our day-to-day work there is often not enough room for the personal needs of individuals, therefore we want to create space at the summer camp for personal support, e.g. for asylum and social counseling

We mobilize: The camp should also serve to mobilize people for the parade in Hamburg

We party and dance together: Times are dark, life often exhausting. Against it, in only helps to celebrate together, cook, eat, laugh, swim, dance and enjoy life!

If you want to participate in the summer camp, please register via email or whatsapp: 015171872272

We look forward to seeing you!

The We’ll Come Untied Summer camp crew


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