There will be 40 trucks, each with its own program. There are also cargo bikes, strollers, shopping trolleys, giant dolls, samba bands andundund.
Here you can read what the 40 trucks will be about.
The order is random! The exact order will follow soon.


Stand up against deportation and make noise! Stand up against Dublin deportations within Europe

Due to the so-called Dublin Regulation, refugees are still being pushed around in Europe because the country of their first entry is to be responsible for the asylum procedure. On the other hand, there is silent and loud resistance every day. This year, with “Stand up! Make Noise! ​​”Make visible the many acts of resistance, especially on the plane, which prevent deportations.
Involved groups: We’ll Come United Rhine-Main, Refugees for Change, Lampedusa in Hanau, Youth without Borders Wiesbaden, Refugee Welcome Café Darmstadt, Refugee Café Oberursel, Arbeitskreis-Umwelt-Wiesbaden, no one is illegal Darmstadt and Hanau, agis Darmstadt , Refugees Welcome to Rheingau, tailwind Wiesbaden, Refugee Council Wiesbaden, We’ll Come United Frankfurt



Borderless education for everyone

We will tell our stories, we will talk about escape and disenfranchisement, about constant waiting states and everyday discrimination. The right to education may not be made out of residence status. Education is a fundamental right and not a privilege! Education for all!
Youth without Borders (JoG)



Women * United Truck

We speak in many languages ​​about our experiences and why we organize ourselves as women in exile and NINA – women in action. With the truck we want to create a space especially for women * of color / migrants to speak out against sexism, racism and all forms of oppression. Let’s spend a powerful day together!
Involved groups: Women in Exile & Friends, NINA – WOMEN IN ACTION / FEMALE IN ACTION
(Open Microphone for FLTI * & Non-Binary People)


Kein Schlussstrich – Tribunal ‘unraveling the NSU complex’

On our car voices of the tribunal, voices of the company of many will be heard. Survivors of racist attacks, relatives of victims, their lawyers and many others will make their perspectives unmistakable. The piece “NSU Monologues” of the Human Rights Stage has meanwhile turned our 7.5-tonne into a theater stage. Our accusation, our demands, our protest will be made visible on signs and posters.
Let us build on the long history of migrant struggles for rights and continue to write them together! In Hamburg we take her to the streets, are loud and celebrate the company of the many. We’ll come united!


City Plaza Hotel Athens


The City Plaza Hotel is a self-organized refugee shelter and solidarity space in the heart of Athens. A hotel that had been empty for 7 years and was occupied more than 2 years ago by refugees and activists: 126 rooms, on 7 floors, solidarity is lived by up to 400 people every day. The City Plaza is supported solely by political solidarity and individual donations and is proof that an alternative to the European camp system is possible. Involved groups: former residents of the City Plaza Hotel, welcome to Europe (w2eu)


Queers United – Love is not a crime


Not only war and poverty force people to flee: laws that criminalize non-heteronormative sexualities and gender identities also cause people to flee their home countries – often called “safe countries of origin”! LGBTIQ * Groups have come together to raise awareness of the situation of queer people who are not given sufficient protection and therefore not their human rights.
United Against Racism. United Against Homophobia. United Against Transphobia.
Participants are: Queer Refugees Support Hamburg, Rasan Organization (Iraq / Kurdistan), Alwan for LGBTI Rights (Middle East & North Africa), Quarteera eV – Queer in Russian, Rainbow Refugees Mainz, Queer Refugees Hannover, LGBT Refugees Minden, SVLS eV & Together eV Mülheim, Aidshilfe Dusseldorf, Rat & Tat Bremen, Lesbian Intervention Hamburg, mhc Safe Space Hamburg, Queer Amnesty Hamburg, Lesbian Gay Film Days Hamburg | International Queer Film Festival


Bremen united in Solidarity: Decolonize Love!


On 29.09 we are from Bremen with different groups at this year’s We’ll Come United Parade. Our main feature is the visibility of People of Color activists from Bremen. Through moderation, music and speeches by those affected by racism, we want to give our listeners and ourselves empowering moments. We stand for a responsible and loving decolonalization of our bodies and our minds and invite all those interested to share this encounter with us. The groups that make themselves visible / heard on this day are: Queeraspora: a Queer POC group, Women of Color, BOMP: a group of POCs and white comrades, La6izi: a group of Syrian Refugees, Solidarity Alliance Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße: a group of black youths fighting against existing asylum policies in Bremen in cooperation with other activists.


Erdogan not welcome – no deal with Turkey


We will make a common bloc of Kurdish and Turkish people and organizations under the motto “Erdogan not welcome”. The truck will carry banners against Erdogan’s visit to Germany. We say: no deal with Erdogan on the backs of refugees! Erdogan’s war in Kurdistan displaces millions of people! Our speeches on the topics mentioned are held in Kurdish, German and Turkish.


Silent University: What is Knowledge? –
Knowledge is not illegal! Knowledge is not white!


The Silent University Truck with OPEN MIKE and DJ Nerima Groove
To all! Join in on the Silent University Truck! We join forces against racism and fight for equal access to knowledge. We do not want elitist knowledge for people of white skin color. We want free access to education for all, without bureaucracy. We want recognition and respect for non-Western and non-white knowledge. What is your own understanding of knowledge? Come by, raise your voice and tell your story in public.


Lampedusa in Hamburg – 5 years of resistance!


The truck wants to show our struggle, achievements and open demands: 
– Freedom of movement and the right to stay in the country of our choice! For our group: § 23
– Work permit and the right to education, access to accomodation, health system and other social services
– Abolition of the Dublin regulation and validity of all European documents in all EU countries!

From Fear to Trust – Transnational Refugee Struggles Museum – A mobile exhibition about self-organized refugee movements


Blacks & Whites Together for Human Rights (Berlin); activists from O-Square Movement (Berlin); activists from Hamburg; Wij Zijn Hier / We Are Here (Amsterdam); Castaway Souls of Denmark & ​​Europe; Freedom of Movements (Denmark); Stay Human Network (Denmark); Autonomous School Zurich (Switzerland)
Escape leads to constant fear, isolation, invisibility and death – and everywhere refugees organize themselves to resist these threats. On our truck, together we present our ongoing struggles and bring together the experiences of the “Let Fear Go – Tour” of 2017 from Germany and eight countries. Now is the time for us to come together and break the illusion of isolation and fear – we will be visible sharing our lived experiences and uniting our common struggles! Come with us!


Bridge Radio


The Bridge Radio – voices against borders – is a collective of migrants and non-migrants who produce radio programs about migration politics, freedom of movements, everyday migrant struggles, the deportation and borders regime. The Bridge Radio started in Copenhagen in 2015 as a protest against the repressive migration regime in the EU. For this year’s We’ll Come United, we will continue to keep up our solidarity with the silenced voices of refugees and migrants, by bring out the Bridge Radio wagon on the streets on the 29th Sept. We will produce radio all day during the parade – most especially with the voices of refugees and migrants. We hope to be talking with you all about our collective social struggles, common strategies, and the possibilities for creating common unity and alliances. Stay tuned the Bridge Radio!


For the right to stay – stop racist controls


Also a water cannon for the right to stay and against racist controls is with us on 29.9. in the streets! Rassists watch out!

Go Heimat yourself!


We hijacked Seehofer’s home propaganda machine and turned it into a solidarity machine during the parade: Against the resurgence of right-wing, nationalist homeland fantasies! Against racist agitation from above and any form of racist violence! Against the criminalization of solidary organization in Germany and Europe #FREESARA! Go Heimat yourseld! Solidarity wants to win!


Time for Justice – Decolonize Hamburg


We want to draw attention to the racism that we as black people and people of color witness day after day with our motive trolley, which will be represented on the parade under the motto “Time for Justice – Decolonize Hamburg”. Colonial references run like a golden thread into the present day: in thought, language, history books and innumerable buildings, streets and squares named after criminals like Columbus, Trotha, Schimmelmann or Waldersee. With our truck we want to articulate the burning topicality of the issue, as it is the real source of global injustice, which continues to be based on exploitation, oppression and enslavement, and is supported by a colonial, Eurocentric, racist and capitalist world view.
Involved groups: Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD Bund e.V.), Working Group Quo Vadis, Working Group Hamburg Postcolonial



Stop the mass dying in the Mediterranean – Sea rescue is not a crime


On the truck, NGOs operating in the central Mediterranean Sea rescue their work and their demands. We will not tolerate the continuing criminalization of civilian rescue services and the situation in the Mediterranean! Safe and legal escape routes now! Stop dying in the Mediterranean! Escape is not a crime!
Participants: Youth Rescue, Solidarity at Sea, Sea Watch, Mare Liberum, Alertphone, Sea Eye, Mission Lifeline, Borderline Europe


I-Livity I-Fi Sound System / Roots music – breaking down the barriers!


Original Sound System Culture. Playing heavyweight roots-rock reggae to unite the people since 1979.


Free access to legal advice – working together for equal rights!


Various groups and initiatives from Hamburg go together as a counseling center project with a truck together on the street especially against institutional and structural racism to be loud. With information about the asylum system in Germany and its concrete consequences for those affected, about support and counseling services for migrants and refugees, the Stencil Action and the Open Mic.
Participating groups: Refugee Council Hamburg e.V., Refugee Law Clinic Hamburg, Cafe Exile, Break Isolation Rahlstedt, We.Inform Hamburg, NINA – Women in Action, Romani Kafava, Antira Horst AG, Queer Refugees Support Hamburg


Afrique Europe: Interact!


Concept: “The limit is the problem” and “For the right to stay and the right to go”. Our criticism of the EU border regime and its governors in African states is illustrated by a wall of shoeboxes. Goods and money (oversized made of cardboard) pass the wall without any problem. People are prevented from overcoming the wall. What can we do against it? We are destroying the wall / border regime with common political actions and solidarity! The theme becomes tangible on the parade through a play. There are also banners, a music program and speeches by activists from West and North Africa and Europe. Organizers: Network Afrique-Europe Interact (AEI)


We all play together – now, here!


Children and adolescents comment on their situation. As a mobile home we accompany the parade for children, as adults playfully. COME PLAY!


Grannies against the right


OMAS AGAINST RIGHT stands for a democratic, free society organized in accordance with the rule of law, for respect and respect for other fellow citizens – regardless of religion and origin, for the rights of people fleeing from war and need, and for social standards already in place were won by parents and grandparents.
Involved groups: OMAS VS RIGHT and all sympathizers


Otto – the swarming and chillout bus


Public bus from We’ll come united Brandenburg: An intercity bus that allows travel, shopping trips, demonstrations, networking and exchange for people in Brandenburg. Mobility for all!


Decided Against Right


DIE LINKE takes part in the We’ll Come United Parade with a motivational car “Decide Against Right”. We will use motifs and the adornment of the car to point out different aspects of right-wing mobilization and the need to act against it.


Noisy against Nazis


Our “Laut gegen Nazis” print goes under “Moin Liebe – Tschüss Hass”. We will welcome DJs on the truck and suggest that initiatives that do not yet have the opportunity to present themselves in the parade can introduce themselves on our truck with banners, etc. In light of the current situation, we want to emphasize “philanthropy” instead of human contempt. We want to appeal that we no longer see people in Europe and the world watching as other people fleeing war and misery die in the Mediterranean and at the borders. We are many”. Racist and right-wing violence does not belong on our streets.
The shift to the right in Germany, with all its facets, not just Chemnitz or Köthen, should persuade us to show more than just the flag.



Naziwrestler Fuck Off – We’ll come united !!!

Involved groups: Rock & Wrestling Hamburg and Off The Radar

The Off-The-Radar Festival Hamburg / Ovendorf and The Rock and Wrestling Hamburg team join forces to demonstrate openness and tolerance, racism and exclusion.


Let’s get united – living space for everyone – right on town!


We want on 29.9. September together with all on the road, which stink the situation in Hamburg and other major cities: The do not accept that the city is a profit object of real estate companies. Those who believe that there is a right to decent housing – and that this right must not be linked to income or residence status.
Stop rent madness! Let’s get United! Living space and a solidary city for all! For a society without racism!


Urban Citizenship Card


On the truck, the “authority” of the Free & Solidarity City Hamburg will issue the first Urban Citizenship Card. As a sign that everyone living in Hamburg belongs to the city – regardless of status.
Participating groups: Network Right to city / crew of Arrivati ​​Park


Bleibistan – No deportations to Afghanistan!


Bleibistan, a place to stay. We have a common goal: no deportations to Afghanistan and nowhere else. The federal government plays roulette with human lives, whether it be the monthly collective removals to Kabul, the deportations of other EU states or the so-called “voluntary departure”. Deportations are one of the strongest expressions of racism and state-organized crime, so: We’ll Come United – United Against Racism!


Romani Truck from Latveria


Together with Magneto and Dr. Doom we come to Hamburg to fight white supremacy and save the world from fascism. Together we design a truck with speeches and live music from many bands. Involved groups: Roma Antidiscrimination Network / All stay / Roma Solidarity


Human rights instead of governmental arbitrariness – family life for all


We fight for a fundamental right in the German constitution: a self-determined family life. We do not split, in people with more or less rights. We all want to live in a country where human rights are respected. Involved groups: Initiative, Family Life for All! ‘/ Asmaras World Refugee Support, Hamburg / Kids Welcome, Hamburg


We are colorful! – the Teemobil e.V.


The Teemobil stands for community, friendship, cohesion and welcome. We want to do our part to overcome prejudices, misunderstandings and conflicts and to develop tolerance between people. Together and not side by side! If we do not stick together now … SO WHEN !?


Peace in Kashmir


We want to promote peace in the world’s most weaponized valley, Kashmir ‘. People in Kashmir are celebrating for the freedom, thus Nijinski Arts, Kashmir Council and Free Kashmir Org. Berlin are gathering together on peace in Kashmir Truck to convey the message of peace via Art, Music and culture. Long Live Kashmir, Long Live Peace, Long Live Cashmere


Eritrean refugees in Hamburg


Eritrea is a very isolated country and the Eritrean regime oppresses its citizens. Rights such as freedom of expression and freedom of the person are actively disregarded there. The Eritrean refugees want to enlighten this in order to simultaneously fight for a free and democratic Eritrea.
Involved groups: Welcome to Barmbek, Intercultural Exchange


Action citizen asylum


On our car will present different anti-racist initiatives and initiatives that work on the topic of citizens asylum. The car will be loud, colorful and decorated with posters and banners. A revolting musical supporting program will accompany speeches by initiatives and refugees and numerous flags will give the truck a fighting look. The AktionInnenInnenAsyl campaign supports local initiatives that have set themselves the task of protecting people from deportation to war and misery. Citizens Asylum is a necessary response from civil society to an inhuman “refugee” policy. Likewise, Citizens Asylum is a response to the inability of the ruling governments to recognize and combat European responsibility for global conflict and exploitation worldwide.


Health For All


Health is a human right! We stand up for equal access to medical care for ALL and call for the end of morbid living conditions through immigration illegality.
Involved groups: The Medinetze & Medibüros Göttingen, Leipzig, Mainz, Dresden, Hamburg, Kiel, Bremen, Halle, Mageburg, Jena, Aachen, Bonn and others


ArztMobil Hamburg and open consultation Lüneburg – health care for all people


Mobile medical help for people who live on the street. He who sees the need must act!
Health and medical care must not depend on the status of stay. We demand that the immediate abolition of the exclusionary laws allow undocumented migrants access to health care.


Sealift – Seebrücke – create safe havens!


We are orange, we are many and we are everywhere. We stand for safe escape routes, the rescue of the sea, for the right of migration, against dying and for cities of solidarity. We dipped the whole country in orange, while many would have liked to brown. And we love we’ll come United!


We’ll keep bangin ‘on the wall of europe! Soundsystem


Here, the collectives “Sinus” and “Love & Respect” join forces and capacities, with the energetic support of “Soupherb Records” and “Sportclub” to counteract racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination. The European policy of foreclosure, which costs thousands of lives, is unbearable. We’ll keep bangin ‘on the wall Of fortress europe!
Participating groups: Sinus (Hamburg) / Love & Respect (Lübeck) / Soupherb Records (Calkutta / Berlin) / Sportclub Records (Berlin)

Apsara Soundsystem – Mobile machinations for a colorful world!


Mobile machinations e.V .: With fire truck, raft and rolling Infobar we are strong against racism and right-wing agitation! With joint forces we create mobile spaces for all who want to live respect and tolerance. We want to show that change is possible, and does not separate the water, but connects!

Music has no borders sound system of MS Stubnitz


For a colorful, diverse and cultural coexistence without discrimination and exclusion, we will dare to the mainland and bring to the parade great musical guests.


Bass away the AfD – Reclaim Club Culture against Festung Europa


The “Reclaim Club Culture” network, the organizers of the AfD Wegbassen demo and RSNZRFLXN oppose the AfDisierung of society, the general right-hander and the fortress Europe. At the Welcome United parade we do it the usual way: loud, joyful, feminist, antiracist, inclusive and colorful – all that the Nazis hate. We want a society in which a second fascism is impossible. In the rhythm and melody of: Germany – never again!