Invitation We’ll Come United Summer Camp 2024 in Thuringia – English

We’ll Come United Summer Camp 2024 in Thuringia

Dear friends,

We live in an increasingly complex world, and as challenges mount, our role as individuals and communities to stand alongside those most in need of support and solidarity becomes ever more crucial. It is time to unite our strengths and stand against racism, standing with refugees seeking safety and peace, and preventing deportations..

We warmly invite you to join our upcoming conference and summer camp, aimed at:

  • Raising awareness about issues of racism and discrimination. Together we are the society of the many and we will come united.
  • Providing support and solidarity to refugees. Together we fight against deportation and for a right to stay.
  • Developing effective strategies to combat racism, xenophobia, and promote peaceful coexistence. Together we are Migrantifa.
  • Creating a strong support network that connects individuals and organizations committed to human rights. Together we fight the suffering, the exploitation and discrimination, here in europe and on the routes across the european border regime.

The conference and summer camp will include:

  • Interactive workshops and training sessions with experts in human rights and psychosocial support.
  • Exchange in open discussion rounds
  • Collective activities aimed at building trust and cooperation among participants.
  • Opportunities for self-expression through art, culture, and music.

We believe that every voice can make a difference, and every act of solidarity strengthens our community.

Join us in this important event to say with one voice: No to racism, yes to humanity.

Conference and Summer Camp Details:

We invite you to register and participate in this unique event. Let’s unite to spread awareness, love, and tolerance.

We ask all who join the camp to donate some money for the food and the program depending on their ability. We not only will need money but also the help of everyone in supporting the camp, through cooking, cleaning, translating and taking care of each other.

Most people will be sleeping in tents but if needed some people can also sleep in the building.

Sadly most part of the location are not accessible by wheelchair.

The camp will be multilingual and with all your help we will provide translation.

For those how what to bring their kids we will provide childcare while the workshops are running.

Also we ask you not to bring dogs to the camp.

For more information, please contact us at:

Together, we can make a difference. We look forward to seeing you among us!

Sponsored by:

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung